Whole School Engagment Schema

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Whole School Engagement Matrix

Schlechty Levels of Engagement Rebellion Retreatism Ritual Compliance Strategic Compliance Engagement
Dimensions of Engagement

Diverted Attention

No Commitment

No Attention

No Commitment

Low Attention

Low Commitment

High Attention

Low Commitment

High Attention

High Commitment

Student Goals Disrupting Learning Avoiding Learning Avoiding Punishment Learning for Grades Authentic Learning
Teacher Actions Appropriate Learning Theories









Behaviour management and Well-Being strategies









High Classroom Expectations and Well-Being strategies

Behaviourism Constructivism Cosmopolitanism & Enactivism
Characteristics  Direct transmission of knowledge from the teacher Learning from the world (ie from sources beyond the teacher) Learning from the world collaboratively (Cosmopolitanism) and through interaction with the world (Enactivism)
Instructional Techniques

Direct Instruction

Explicit Instruction


Discovery Learning

Learning Intentions

Flipped Classroom




Systemic Processes Walk throughs, PD, Peer observation, Collaborative planning
Well-being and supportive structures

CBT & Counselling

Stone & Water

Resilience Training

Restorative Justice

Learning Support

Paediatric Support

Learning Support

Cyber Safety Resources

Pastoral Care

As per the left, plus

Leadership Training

Teacher Goals Survival Making Success Mandatory Making Success Achievable Making Success Desirable Making Success Personal

Essay that explains the derivation of the framework available here.